Using the X-Plane Mobile Beta Versions

How to get the beta version:

For Android users

Click this link on your device & follow the instructions to join the beta.

  • Note that Google does not support test purchases during public beta. This means you’ll need a real Professional subscription within the app to use massive multiplayer.
  • The beta is only available on devices running Android 6 (“Marshmallow”) and later.
  • To report an issue, you can use the X-Plane Mobile bug reporter form.
For iOS & iPadOS users

Click this link on your device & follow the instructions to join the beta.

  • Apple makes all purchases in the beta free—you can buy a “sandbox” (i.e., test) subscription and you will not actually be charged. These testing subscriptions expire at an accelerated rate, so you’ll have to “re-subscribe” multiple times per day. (Note that after the beta, you will lose access to any purchases you didn’t pay real money for.)
  • To report an issue, just take a screenshot in the app and it will trigger the TestFlight bug reporter.
  • Note that the beta is only available for users of iOS/iPadOS 13.

Notes on purchases:

  • iOS Users: No purchases made on the beta version of X-Plane will be charged to your account during the beta. To use the full version of the app, you will need to make a new subscription in the beta app. Purchases made in the shipping version of X-Plane Mobile will not be available or visible in the beta version. These will return to the app as soon as you revert to a shipping version of the app. Here's more info on this if needed.
  • Android Users: All beta purchases will be charged to you account per Android's configuration. Your existing Professional subscription will work normally in the beta. 
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