Flying X-Plane Mobile Offline

Setting up Offline Flight

X-Plane Mobile supports flying offline (or without internet access). To use the feature, go to the Mountain icon in the free-flight mode and create a Route. Select airports and use the right hand menu to change start types, add to your route, or start a new route.

Then, after you have chosen your route, use the "pack flight" button on the left. That will download all necessary files for that flight.

That's it! Once downloaded, you can lose (or turn off) internet access and enjoy your flight.

See the screenshot below:

location map

If you do not “Pack” your route, you will need to have an internet connection at all times in order to fly the route. The app will download the minimum amount of files at the beginning of the flight, and continue to download files in the background as required as your flight continues.

Clearing Downloads:

To clear “packed” data off of your device and regain the storage space, go to the General tab of the Settings screen and tap the “Clear Downloaded Cache” button.

For more information about Freeflight and setting up routes, see our X-Plane Mobile Manual's section Freeflight.

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