X-Plane Mobile Known Issues

Last Update: 31st August, 2022  Latest mobile version:12.0.1 (Slow release)

We are working super hard to make X-Plane Mobile as stable as possible! Here are a few known issues that we are addressing. If your issue/device is listed here, no need to report it again. We're on it!

The next version of X-Plane mobile is slowly being released to users on IOS and Android. If you haven't received access to 12.0.1 yet, please check you can reproduce the issue on that version, before filing a bug.

  • Dark runway signs at some airports
  • Replay causing crash/freezing after long flight times
  • Insufficient lighting from taxi lights at night
  • Odd-colored runways on older Android devices

 11.7.0 Issues:

"Blurry" FMC - Please send in screenshots of the FMC along with your device model number

Inaccurate real world weather: Please send in the airport ICAO code you are using, along with expected and actual weather reports. Check weather over a couple of days to see if it's ever accurate.

We are reviewing the ban process.

12.0.1 Issues:

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