Controlling Custom Scenery Pack Order in X-Plane 11

If you're having issues with custom scenery display, check out the video and information below. 

In X-Plane, scenery packs are loaded in priority order. In order to ensure that you see your payware/ custom scenery (also called overlay scenery), it must be higher priority than global airports or any base meshes such as orthophotos. 

Custom scenery packs are loaded in the order of the scenery packs .ini file, which can be found in the Custom Scenery Packs folder. Custom scenery packs at the top of the file are loaded first and override packs below them. Any time X-Plane runs and finds a new scenery pack, it is added to the top of the file. 

The default global scenery base meshes that ship with X-Plane are not included in this scenery packs .ini file. X-Plane just knows to keep them in lowest priority order. However, if you add a custom base mesh or an orthophoto, these will need to be moved to the very bottom of the file.

The airports from the X-Plane scenery gateway are in a scenery pack called Global Airports in your custom scenery folder. This pack should be above base meshes and below custom airports. You can edit the scenery packs .ini file in any text editor, such as Notepad, to disable and reprioritize scenery packs. 

Disabling Scenery Packs

To prevent X-Plane from loading individual scenery packs, simply edit the name of the pack to read "SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED" and these should no longer appear.

Resolving Scenery Conflicts

We recommend that you do not modify, rename, or delete any of the scenery files that come with X-Plane by default, as the X-Plane updater is just going to try to restore them every single time there's an update. 

Try not to delete the .ini file because X-Plane will rebuild this file in alphabetical order, which will cause scenery to be displayed incorrectly and might even cause issues with updates. 

Our Manual

The X-Plane 11 manual is a great online resource for finding answers and solving problems. And best of all, its searchable. Go here and use your browser's find function or the Table of Contents to find more information.

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