Configuring Joysticks and Other Flight Controls in X-Plane 11

This tutorial shows how to calibrate and assign axes & buttons for USB hardware used with X-Plane 11. 

Key Facts:

  • These settings apply to all flight control devices, not just joysticks.
  • You can use joysticks, yokes, rudders, and throttles with X-Plane 11 and these instructions cover all such devices.

First, calibrate your device.

Use the "calibrate" button to begin and move the device through all of its ranges of motion. You will be able to see that X-Plane registers all axes correctly.

Second, center each axes.

For the next step, return the controls to their natural at rest position before running the centering process.

Third, assign axes and buttons.

After calibrating and centering, you can make sure that each axis of your device is assigned to the correct axis in X-Plane. You can also assign actions to buttons.

For more information review our manual's section: Configuring Flight Controls.

Our Manual

The X-Plane 11 manual is a great online resource for finding answers and solving problems. And best of all, its searchable. Use your browser's find function or the Table of Contents to find more information.

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