Mac.xpl Not Starting

MacOS Catalina introduced a variety of new security protocols for applications that some developers are still working to comply with. This may produce an error during the X-Plane start-up process that references a Mac.xpl file. There is a way to resolve this in the System Preferences of your Mac. Follow the instructions below to get back in the air!

  1. Open X-Plane and wait for the mac.xpl errors to appear.
  2. Close the app
  3. Open System Preferences
  4. Choose Security & Privacy 
  5. Look to see if there is a message in this window about "mac.xpl" (see below)
  6. If there is a message about this, please click "Allow Anyway"
  7. Restart X-Plane to see if the error message has been resolved.
  8. You may need to follow this process several times to allow each of your plugins to run.
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