MMO ATC beta testing FAQ

X-Plane Mobile Version 11.7.0 is now available as a public bata. This includes one of our most requested features – users acting as Air Traffic Control! The update allows you to jump in the tower and manage traffic in your own airspace. There are all sorts of transmissions and instructions you can send to keep your fellow X-Plane users moving safely and efficiently! You can always fly on the "uncontrolled" server too if you just want to fly on your own.

Q. How do I join the 11.7.0 Beta?

A.  For IOS users all instructions can be found by following this invite link

     For Android users follow this link if you don't already have X-Plane installed. Please then follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Play Store.
  2. At the top right, tap your profile photo (the lovely 747 in this case).
  3. Tap Manage apps and devices > Installed.
  4. Tap the X-Plane app to open its details page.
  5. Under 'Join the beta', tap Join.

Here is a link to the official Google Play store tutorial on how to join or leave a beta.

Q. How do subscriptions and purchases work?

A.  IOS users are not charged for any purchases or subscriptions while in the beta testing. These subscriptions do expire quickly so you may need to go through the purchase process again. You will never be charged for this.

Android users will be charged for In-App purchases whilst in the beta. However, if you already have existing subscriptions or purchases you can use the 'purchase restore' button in the app. This is a structural characteristic of the Google Play store. 

Q. What should I test? 

A. The main aim of this beta is to test the new ATC feature. Below are some examples of what we are looking to test.

      - Try being an air traffic controller. Are you able to send and receive transmissions to/from the pilots? Are you able to manage your airspace effectively?

      - Try flying in areas where there is air traffic control. Are you able to send and receive transmissions to/from the controllers? If there is more than one controller (Tower, Ground, Clearance, Approach) are you able to communicate with the appropriate controller by changing frequency? 

      - Please also test the SR22. Does everything operate normally? Try the GPS, flaps and throttle etc.

How to be an ATC controller: 

1) Open X-Plane

2) Click Massive Multiplayer

3) Use the Drop down menu at the top of the screen to select "Controlled Server" 

4) Select "Controller" from the second drop down menu

5) Choose an airport and frequency. Note: If the airport you choose does not have any controllers, you will have to choose the tower frequency. If a tower controller is online, you can control the ground frequency. Some airports also have separate Clearance Delivery controllers along with Approach and Departure controllers.

Q. How can I send feedback and report issues to make the app better? 

A. We have a few methods for this! For bugs and issues, please check the article here first for known issues to see if we are already aware of this. If you don't see your issue reported, please fill out and send this form here with as much information as possible. Videos and screenshots are always helpful!

    IOS users have a "Send Beta Feedback" option in TestFlight. You can always send your concerns and comments through this method. 

When you click the "Send Beta Feedback" link on TestFlight, you also have the option to include a screenshot. Screenshots always help demonstrate an issue for fast fixing!

Android users can also send feedback by following this link here or by searching "X-Plane" in the Google Play store. If you are part of the beta you will see a similar screen as the screenshot below. This allows you to submit private feedback about the beta directly to us.

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